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After having a baby boy 8 months ago, I have been feeling tired and tense constantly. I am still breastfeeding so I wanted to try a natural method to help me to sleep better and relax my stiff back muscles. I found Point Del Mar Acupuncture through a friend and it turned out to be a great experience for me. The office is very clean with asian decor, Valerie greeted me at the front desk. She asked me a lot of questions before she put the needles on me, and it was painless ( I am very afraid of needles). I felt the chi through out my body , and almost fell asleep at the end of the treatment. I went in the early afternoon and after I left there, I was feeling very mellow and relaxed for the rest of the day. I will definitely continue with this acupuncture treatment!!
-C.B., 35

I began seeing Valerie Beckwith, L.Ac. for a persistent skin rash when every other approach I tried failed to bring true relief. Following each treatment my skin noticeably improved and it took longer for the rash to return. After 2 months my skin rash completely disappeared and now it rarely reappears. When I have a reoccurrence the rash is mild and takes one or two treatments to bring my skin into balance. No other approach has been as effective or as long lasting.

Additionally, since any contact with my skin is very painful when my rash is raging I appreciate Valerie's gentle touch and excellent needle technique. I highly recommend acupuncture to anyone seeking a natural, long-lasting resolution to their health concerns.
-V.F., 42

Having suffered a previous episode of Bell's Palsy (partial facial nerve paralysis) some 8 years ago, I knew the value of acupuncture as a means of recovery. Valerie Beckwith was outstanding in her treatment of my palsy along with offering suggestions for things I could do on my own. In five weeks, the palsy is gone and I'm back to my normal life. I would recommend her services without hesitation!
-K.P., 58

I was treated for my aches and pains throughout my body, including migraine headaches, vertigo, and varicose veins. I must say, Valerie has helped relieve the aches and pains that have been bothering me for years with her caring hands and professionalism in dealing with her patients. I will not hesitated to recommend her to anyone suffering from any condition within her capacity to heal or treat through acupuncture. She is great!
-E.G., 63

I was treated for multiple conditions during my many visits. The treated conditions where drug addiciton and cravings, anxiety/depression/stress, headaches, muscle stiffness, and constipation. Together with her lifestyle counseling, her treatments were successful! I also found her treatments very comfortable and relaxing. Valerie knew everything about my conditions. I highly recommend Valerie to also be your acupuncturist!
-A.G., 38

My first experience with acupuncture was with Valerie Beckwith, L.Ac. At the time I was very stressed out and had anxiety from graduate school. I immediately felt positive energy flowing throughout my body during the treatment. Valerie has a very gentle and soothing technique.
-W.T., 30

I first came to see Valerie for pain I developed in my elbow and knees. After the first treatment, the pain in my joints noticeably diminished. After 6 or 7 treatments, I barely noticed the pain in my elbow and knees. I stopped getting treatment as regularly, but when it would flare up again, I would go in for another treatment, and the pain would go away almost instantly. I recommend acupuncture to anyone who has joint pain.
-B.W., 41

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